Vas Management System

Our Vas Management System “VMS” is a powerful and smart host for all your VAS needs, through which the MNO is able to deliver value services to customers through an automated full-service cycle from idea stage to the stage when the service is live, optimized, well reported, and invoiced.

Decrease cost.

Manage customer complaints.

Manage fraud.

Provide full visibility, automated workflow and control

Optimize and increase reach and revenue.

Optimize existing services through our Smart RO engine.

Provide investment in technology, rewards, and content.

Define clear business rules across delivery and charging channels.

Differentiate the MNO in the market through a new out of the box approach and services.

Provide service and content providers with a well-managed and fair ecosystem.

Begin monetization immediately and without any delays.

Deliver high value services and content.

Maximize profitability.

Grow sustainably.

Direct Carrier Billing (DCB)

Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) is a payment service available for mobile subscribers for purchasing content and charging it to their mobile bill. The mobile payment option works for subscription service, one off payment and in app payments and is available to both prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

DCB transactions are entirely secured and do not require any personal or banking information. The subscriber validates the payment with one click and has immediate access to the service. The purchase is then added on the mobile bill or credited form the prepaid account, without any additional costs. Accessible to any smartphone owner having a subscription or a prepaid account with a mobile operator.

The Aplimedia DCB platform provides merchants and customers with a multitude of advantages including but not limited to:

For merchants:

A rapidly growing solution with extensive mobile user coverage and superior mobile conversion rate

A payment method that meets consumer needs

Perfect for impulse buying

One-click payment solution

Low risk

One-shot payment or subscription (to build customer loyalty)

For consumers:

Pay anywhere, anytime

Latest technology, easy-to-use

Secure payment method (no confidential data needed)

Protection guaranteed (billing limits)

The Aplimedia DCB platform boasts many features including but not limited to:

Main features:

Integration with any application or online solution to charge payments to the carrier ́s mobile phone subscription bill

Pricing flexibility

Works with smartphones, tablets, desktops

Ability for subscription or one-time purchase through pin code

Limiting one time purchase according to specific subscription service

Setting limit for one time purchase per day

API features

Content purchase, app purchase or in-app purchase

On-going subscriptions

Secure subscriber authentication capabilities

Customer care features:

Customer care tools: refund, manage, trace, audit...

Detailed billing reports and statements

Risk and fraud management tools

Smart SMS: a new channel of telecom communication

Despite the fast growth of mobile devices' usage, there is still a lack of tools for consistent, smart, and efficient marketing communication with subscribers. Companies are struggling to get their messages and offers delivered, old tools like bulk SMS demonstrate low response rates.

Smart SMS is a solution that can be used by operators, content providers, and brands, to raise the conversion rates, optimize advertising costs, build smart communication with end users, and grow revenues.

Smart SMS is designed to provide mobile operators with a two-way communication channel with subscribers, allowing flexible delivery of surveys, opt-in campaigns, marketing messages, regardless of their mobile device.

The agent app deployed on SIM displays interactive teasers pop-ups on the screen to initiate a short, one-click dialogue with the subscriber. Each teaser is tailored to a unique USSD/SMS request, IVR, or WAP. The displayed content can be exclusive and dynamically generated personally for each subscriber in real-time. The system can be set up to create messages as a response to a specific event, like a call completion, USSD sent etc .

As a result, an operator can send bulk, but personalized messages, that are immediately visible on the screen (the thing SMS lacks), establishing a simple one-click communication with subscribers.

More importantly, the launch of teasers can be linked to specific events. This approach helps operators to achieve maximum efficiency in communication without irritating their subscribers. For example, the message can pop up when the person is looking on the screen, not when the mobile device is in his or her pocket.

One of the main advantages of the solution is its extremely low technical requirements. To install the app to a Java SIM-card, only about 1kb of space is needed. Operator SMSC is one of the ways to deliver and install the app. The system supports all Java cards starting from 2.1 version and higher.

As a result, the deployment of a solution is easy and fast, with no need to use an OTA platform for SIM-app upload and activation. Still, the system complies with modern security standards and requirements.

There is a wide range of benefits the solution brings to mobile operators, including:

ARPU growth

Response rate higher than other communication channels can provide

Loyalty growth and churn decrease

New subscribers acquisition

Fast and easy deployment

Flexible revenue sharing payment model

Different deployment options (managed service, SaaS, etc.)

End users, in turn, get a variety of advantages as well:

User-friendly, gentle communication, no overloaded inboxes

One-click activation of targeted offers to get new services

Permission and privacy control