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Our Vas Management System “VMS” is a powerful and smart host for all your VAS needs, through which the MNO is able to deliver value services to customers through an automated full-service cycle from idea stage to the stage when the service is live, optimized, well reported, and invoiced.

With our VMS, the MNO is able to

  • Define clear business rules across delivery and charging channels
  • Optimize and increase reach and revenue
  • Decrease cost
  • Provide full visibility, automated workflow and control
  • Provide service and content providers with a well-managed and fair ecosystem
  • Provide investment in technology, rewards, and content
  • Manage fraud
  • Manage customer complaints
  • Differentiate the MNO in the market through a new out of the box approach and services.
  • Optimize existing services through our Smart RO engine

With our VMS, MNOs can:

  • Begin monetization immediately and without any delays
  • Deliver high value services and content
  • Maximize profitability
  • Grow sustainably

We provide an unparalleled ability to analyze, optimize and grow revenue.  Through our innovative and adaptive analytic methodology, we offer MNOs more than just the rigorous analytics needed in today’s operations; we offer a strategic advantage at a critical juncture in a highly competitive industry – enabling MNOs to be quick to respond to change, deliver financial targets, and use accuracy to enhance customers experience

Content will always be king.

Aplimedia provides customer centric branded content that truly attracts and differentiates. Our content portfolio includes a large variety of genres and types as we partner with key global, local and regional content providers to provide:

  • Games
  • Videos
  • Music
  • Text
  • Applications
  • and much more …

Our Content Partners:

  • Moodshare
  • RBT
  • U Report
  • Mobile TV
  • Name It
  • Content portals
  • Smart SMS
  • Game platforms


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